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We believe in quality, in the search for details, in the careful selection of the best craftsmen and in the production entirely made in Italy. We believe in trust and respect for workers; for this reason our laboratories are carefully chosen not only for the quality of production, but also for the quality of human relationships and respect for the craftsmen who make our items. We believe in welcoming and listening to the needs of our customers, we believe that each of them is unique and that it is our job to make sure that you find the most suitable and special product every time. We believe in the value of our work, and we want that value to be shared with craftsmen and customers.


Laleline was born with the aim of creating a high quality handcrafted leather goods brand with affordable prices. With this vision, we select suppliers, materials and products that pay attention to quality, practicality and a design suitable for every need, with a special attention to local realities.

The Laleline brand universally symbolizes love: just as the tulip is, in the universal language, a symbol of pleasure and well-being, our accessories and our leather bags are a declaration of love that those who buy them make themselves or person to whom he decided to give them.

We carefully choose our partners, selecting artisan workshops in central Italy and looking for realities that are ethically sustainable both in the use of raw materials and in respect for the workers, indispensable conditions for delivering to our customers a fresh and renewable product in the time, capable of passing on the oldest artisan systems by merging them with modern technological means in a perfect combination.

Our Loreart shop wants to be a journey, a journey towards this alchemy of smells, comfortable leathers, splendid designs made with carefully selected materials and made by the hands of expert craftsmen.